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Bomb Threat Ballistic Blankets with GoldFlex

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Protector Plus Series - Made of GoldFlex™ ballistic fabric with a fire resistant coating. Will contain explosions from a large variety of bombs. Sixteen sq. feet of coverage provides substantial protection; yet the blanket is light enough to be carried by one man. Because its made with GoldFlex™ - it makes it a lighter, thinner with better blast protection than its Kevlar counterpart.

Black Cordura Nylon flame/water resistant cover. Six straps sewn in. We use the same number of layers as wearable body armor standard, even though the back deformation is not an issue for ballistic blankets. Not all manufacturers will follow this protocol. Atleast 20-50% lighter than our competitors.

Level IIA Weighs 0.76 lb/sq ft
Level II Weighs 0.94 lb/sq ft
Level IIIA Weighs 1.16 lb/sq ft

5 year Warranty

Size              Level IIA             Level II          Level IIIA
43" x 48" (110 cm x 122 cm) $799    $959 $1,149
43" x 60" (110 cm x 152 cm) $959 $1,149 $1,399
43" x 72" (110 cm x 183 cm) $1,119 $1,299 $1,599

We also custom make blankets!! Please call 1-888-299-9750 to make your custom order.
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